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Special Holy Land Tour

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Bless Your Pastor to Go Free!


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We are planning a trip to the Holy Land, perhaps more than one.  One of the goals is to get groups of people together so that pastors, missionaries and other ministers can go along for free.  It does not cost the paying tourist any more, we are simply giving some of the tour agent's benefits so that these people can go.

At present this trip is planed from Hawaii to Israel with one or more stop-overs in the continental United States.  We are in the early planning stages at the moment and are interested in tailoring the trip for the people who will be on the tour.   If demand is high we may consider side tours to Greece, Turkey, Egypt, or Jordan.

Perhaps there is a group of people you know interested in going to Israel and you would like your pastor to go along.  This is a way to fulfil that desire.  If you like this concept let us know who you are.  Fill out the Feedback Form and send it to us via e-mail.  It's very easy just click the submit button after completing the form.  Filling out this form does not commit you for the trip it is simply a notification of interest in the project.

Besides the pastors one or more of the trip organizers will be going along.  These organizers will be involved in coordinating the trip with tour agents, hotels, and airlines.


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