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Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii - web development, website promotion, search engine optimazation - SEO, home pages, computer graphics, software tutoring, computer aided drafting and digital photography services

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Nuuanu Pali, taken from Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii picture taken by ATAH.NET photographer for

Nuuanu Pali cliffs in early morning hours,
Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii
Digital Photo Gallery

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Showcase Sites

The best way to see what we can do, is to check what we have already done.  All the following examples are Microsoft FrontPage-based Webs.  Click on links below for samples of work created:   Web Presence Developer, Developing Sites for Microsoft FrontPage

Business Sites Created by A. T. A.

bullet Hawaii Marine Company (Naval Architectural, Marine Engineering, and Computer Aided Drafting & Design Services)  This website's for a professional engineering services company.  It incorporates 3D wire-frames, CAD drawings and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  
bullet Hawaii Marine Templates This site is a subweb of the Hawaii Marine Company site.  It sells marine design templates.  The whole sales process is wonderfully automatic.  A buyer selects an item, pays for it by credit card, and then immediately downloads the product.
bullet Digital Picture Gallery (Featuring flowers, seascapes, landscapes, maritime activities and much much more)  This site shows the large and varied library of stock photographs that Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii has at its disposal. 
bullet The Phoenician, LLC is the largest boat repair facility in the State of Hawaii.  It features a 80 ton traveling boat hoist and is situated on a 5 acre parcel adjacent to Kalaeloa (Barber's Point) Harbor.  It is supported by machine, welding, wood, pipefitting, electrical, electronic, rigging, blasting and painting shops.
bullet Anawati and Associates provides professional marine and agricultural engineering services to the State of Hawaii.
bullet Free Picture Gallery  Similar to proceeding web except that the pictures here are free for personal use.
bulletAdvanced Technology Associates  (Web and Computer Related Services) This listing refers to this site.  A detailed list of services offered can be found on the Web Development page of this site.
bullet Advanced Technology Associates Blog  This is a WordPress blog for this web development and marketing firm.
bullet Advanced Technology Associated Practice Blog  This Wordpress blog is provided as a safe place for our customers to practice using Wordpress without danger of damaging thier own blogs.
bullet Advanced Technology Associates Blogger Site  This is another company blog constructed entirely online & it displays scenic pictures, part of our digital photography services.

Original Content for these Business Sites Created by A. T. A.

bullet Wiseco Development Corp., General Contractor & ICF Product Distributor, Kapolei, Oahu.  Hawaii's choice general contractor and ICF material supplier for insulated concrete forms home construction.  We also did the website promotion for this site (i. e. the Search Engine Optimization Services for this website).  This web site has over 500 pages, much of these pages are picture galleries.   This site also incorporates a WordPress blog. 
bulletMarisco Limited  (Featuring the largest commercial dry-dock and the largest industrial machine shop in the State of Hawaii)  This is a good example of a firm's site created by Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii.  This large site was developed such that company staff can use FrontPage to keep it current.
bullet CWR Hawaii, Inc. houses the largest rigging, cordage and webbing inventory in the Hawaiian Islands.  This firm is a cost effective and quality source for the material handling needs of Hawaii and the Central Pacific BasinThey sell wire rope, rigging supplies, cordage,  webbing, chain, and other material handling supplies, accessories and equipment.  Their services include wire rope sling fabrication, wire rope and load cell testing and certification, webbing assembly fabrication, chain sling fabrication, cordage splicing, manual, mechanical and electrical hoist and winch repairs.
bullet Never Green Pools Hawaii  Pool care, repair & component installation services including pool salt water and pool solar heating systems.

Ministry Sites Created by A. T. A.

bullet Scripture Jewels  This website is a combination of CSS code and it also contains a customized WordPress blog.  It is meant to encourage and exhort believers in their walk with God.  Various devotional authors are encouraged to participate.
bulletOahu March for Jesus (20,000 marchers were sought for this Hawaii event.  This is a large web site.)  This is a informative and logistical site includes many custom photographs taken by Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii.
bullet On Eagles Wings (Itinerant Interdenominational Ministry Services based in Pocatello, Idaho)  This site has flair and a personal touch.
bullet Creation versus Evolution (Check it Out for Yourself)  This site has an animated GIF that explodes.
bullet Israel Trip (Innovative Ways to Sponsoring Ministry Leaders on Holy Land Trips, Be a Blessing)
bullet 96744 United in Prayer (This site encourages the Kaneohe and Kahaluu communities to mobilize for prayer)  The goal is revival starting in the public schools and community services (such as police & fire).
bullet Pastor Leon's SOAP Blog - SOAP is a simple method of Bible meditiation.  S is for scripture; O is for observation; A is for application; and P is for prayer.

A. T. A. Previously Provided Content for these Ministry Sites

bullet The River Church Hawaii This website CSS coded and it employs it employs a dynamic web template.   This website contains online streaming sermons and it has online giving capabilities built in.  It also contains a Java script image that reflects water and a collage filled with animated gifs.
bullet Pacific Christian University This college serves the Island of Oahu with anointed Holy Spirit led Bible teaching.  This site was also created using cascading style sheets and a dynamic web template.
bulletNew Hope Windward (This is one of the largest and fastest growing churches on Oahu's Windward Side.)  This comprehensive site required about 50 pages.  This site is designed so the church staff can update it using FrontPage. The original site was made by us.  An upgrade of this site was set it up with a dynamic web template and dynamic content features.

Personal Sites Created by A. T. A.

bulletRivera's a web site for a family.  This site is automatically updated with weather information whenever it is visited.
bulletBrian Trenhaile's personal web site for a man.
bullet Brian Trenhaile's blog in
bulletPlus there are additional websites that are not listed here. 
bulletThere are also templates available which are not shown in the above examples.  To see some of these templates click here.

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Red Anthirium, anthurium, Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii picture taken by ATAH.NET photographer for 517.jpg (20343 bytes)

Red Anthurium, Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii
This photograph courtesy Digital Picture Gallery

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So many precious comments about our work.  Here is a sample of some of them.

bullet Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii is listed in Pacific Business First in the "Top 25" List for Top Web Designers in the State of Hawaii.
bullet "Love the website Never Green Pool Care Hawaii ... very good work. I like the site. Very nice graphics. Very cleanly done." Ronald Jones, IT Support Specialist, Honolulu, Hawaii

bulletI'm really impressed by the quality of work that Advanced Technology Associates has done for our website.  Their services enhanced the value of our company.  Also the brochures and portfolio done for offline promotional work was excellent. 
Prior to hiring ATAH, I had hired two other web development firms and neither one was able to establish respectable search engine rankings for our firm.  But now, after hiring ATAH, we do have a respectable online presence.    Tim Wisenberg, Owner, Wiseco Development Corp., Kapolei, HI
bulletI wanted to say Thanks for the incredible job you've done on the MFJ Web site. You deserve a great deal of credit. Great Great Great JOB.  Killer web site! (Regarding "Oahu March for Jesus" web site)  Loved the web pages and pictures. (regarding the "On Eagles Wings" web site)  Rick Frasure, Senior Pastor, Kaneohe, Hawaii
bulletI checked out all your web sites which you sent me and I am very impressed.  Good job on all of them.  (Advanced Technology Associates, Hawaii Marine Company & Brian Trenhaile's personal web page were among the sites checked)  Denice Trewella, Information Manager/Editor, Seaport Mobility Network, Maastricht, Netherlands
bulletI am really excited about the website ( for New Hope Windward Christian Fellowship).  You have put together quite a bit in such a short time.  Great Job!!! The opening page is really cool.  By the way you take great pictures.  Your very creative & your initiative is commendable.  Thanks for your hard work and dedication.  You have really done a fantastic job!     Dave Barr, Senior Pastor, New Hope Windward
bulletWhat a wonderful testimony!!! (Regarding "Creation versus Evolution" web site).  Pastor David Browder, COGOP Missions Director for Pacific & Asian Region, American Samoa
bulletGreat Sites - good job.   Terry White, Publisher of Hawaii Ocean Industry, Honolulu, Hawaii
bulletI think the site you have built for Rick and Karen "Eagles Wings" is awesome.  It opens very quickly considering the amount of pictures.  May God bless you as you help to further the work of the kingdom.  Wendi Spencer, Grand Ronde COGOP
bulletI came across your web site and found it to be very fascinating.  (Comment regarding Hawaii Marine Company web site) Karen Leidal, Lake Mills, Iowa
bulletYou did a great job, very impressive, professional, interesting, and informative "Home Page." (Comment regarding Oahu March for Jesus Site) Susan I. Frasure, Pochatello, Idaho
bulletWe sure have enjoyed your web sites, we especially liked Hannah's and Abigail's with all the neat pictures.  Also liked the creation article in your personal web siteDan & Ruth Korolyshyn, Grafton, Virginia
bulletI'm so excited!! You have an incredible page! ... Be sure to have your paged linked onto the links!  It is too good to be missed by anyone!! (Comment regarding Oahu March for Jesus site.) Goulart
bulletThanks for the pictures (photographs of people, posing and in action).  I really like them.  Dominic Kila, Teacher and Salesman, Kaneohe, Hawaii
bulletJust to let you know I really enjoy your web page! Thank you for giving me all the information I need to attend this year's March for JesusAnsel Valencia, Honolulu, Hawaii
bulletComments regarding the Rivera Family web site:  
bulletFabulous website!! I really think the pictures and the website is great!  I love how you have your interests, hobbies, and beliefs there.  I love the approach and included other members of your family outside of your immediate nucleus.  Marguerite, Hayward, Bay Area, California
bulletWow! The pictures look great!!! You did a great job taking those pictures and setting up the website.  I am completely satisfied with your job and I believe people should hear about it.   Alejandro Rivera, Martinez, California
bulletDude, that's hot! It's perfect for a family thing.   Rommel Rivera, Bay Area, California
bulletI thought the website was great it had a lot of nice pictures of the Rivera family!  Ron Decastro, Bay Area, California

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Kaneohe from Nuuanu Pali Lookout, Oahu, Hawaii picture taken by ATAH.NET photographer for

Kaneohe from Pali Lookout, Oahu, Hawaii
Digital Photo Gallery

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